The activity of a press office works around informing international, national and local newspapers and press (daily, weekly, monthly, televisions, radio, and internet sites) of an event. Studio Abba’s contact list includes over 1,000 contacts, from magazine and newspaper directors to freelance journalists. Vito Abba, owner of Studio Abba, with the assistance of a group of professionals coordinated by Carlotta Marzaioli, follows through the various stages of a press event: from the writing of the press release to the organisation of a press conference, and to the compiling and presenting the press reviews to the client concerned once the event is completed. Amongst Studio Abba press office’s activities is Chianti Star Festival, which takes place in San Donato in Poggio, in the heart of Tuscany: The 'stars' of the Chianti Star Festival are numerous: the international artists who exhibit at Palazzo Malaspina, the astral stars that can be observed from the Astronomical Chianti Observatory and the film stars, thanks to a mini film festival. And typical products of the territory starting, of course, with oil and wine, are also the protagonists of the Festival.