OpenArtCode Florence

For the first time the OpenArtCode group will be exhibiting in Florence, Italy, in the cradle of Renaissance! From 18th April to 8th May 2018 an OpenArtCode exhibition will take place at Salone di Donatello of the Basilica di San Lorenzo in the Opera Medicea Laurenziana complex, visited by thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The Opera Medicea Laurenziana is undoubtedly an amazing and fascinating space: it is made up of various structures, and each one is rich in historical, cultural and artistic references.

The main environments include the Basilica di San Lorenzo and the Sacrestia Vecchia, entrusted to the famous Florentine architect Filippo Brunelleschi, while Donatello, one of the most important Renaissance sculptors, worked on pulpits; the underground, where the Tesoro di San Lorenzo is guarded and you can see the monumental tomb of Cosimo il Vecchio and a funeral tomb in honor of Donatello; the Cappelle Medicee with the Mausoleum dedicated to the Medici family; the Sagrestia Nuova, designed by the genius Michelangelo; and the Biblioteca Laurenziana, begun by Michelangelo and completed by Vasari and Ammannati.

To revive this space today means to create a dialogue between the Florentine Renaissance culture and the experimentation of languages and styles typical of contemporary art, and between artists and architects of the past and those who work in the present. It does not happen every day to have the opportunity to exhibit alongside masters such as Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Vasari.

OpenArtCode is composed of a group of renowned artists who have very different technical styles and their artistic formation is varied. They have united their talents to exhibit together in Paris at the Grand Palais, in Monaco at the Auditorium Rainier III, at the Oxo Gallery on the River Thames in London, in Shanghai at Pudong Library and CEIBS, in Venice at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti and in Tokyo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.