The magical world of Jackie Sleper

the magical world of Jackie Sleper


Studio Abba is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition featuring the works of renowned artist Jackie Sleper. This visually captivating collection promises to transport viewers to a world of vibrant dimensions, showcasing a diverse range of intriguing objects, paintings and the latest additions to the artist’s ISOLA series.
The exhibition will be open from 17th November to 28th November 2023 in the prestigious Palazzo Rosselli del Turco in Florence, Italy.
The ISOLA series, which originated in 2017 and has been expanded in 2023 with ten unique collages, sheds light on Jackie Sleper’s creative journey. Seeking inspiration and serenity in the mountains, the Dutch artist has produced fascinating works that bring animals, people and nature into a harmonious and enchanting interplay of colors. The result is a collection of collages that expertly blend depth, alienation and an interesting fusion of existing and new designs. Another one of the exhibition highlights and the image that has been chosen to represent this exhibition is the piece Fresh Pears, which depicts a human figure set amidst succulent pears.
Jackie Sleper’s artistic journey spans four decades, during which she has explored the realms of beauty and fought against injustice. Her diverse range of artworks delves into themes of seduction, strength, power dynamics, human relationships, the vulnerability of children, animals and nature. These creations encompass colorful photographs, drawings, collages, paintings and sculptures and are a culmination of her thoughts, memories, fantasies, original poems and personal diary entries.

Vito Abba, the owner of Studio Abba Gallery, has expressed his delight to curate an exhibition featuring the works of Jackie Sleper once more. This exhibition marks a reunion between the artist and the gallery owner, following their successful collaborations several years ago in various museums across Mexico. The prestigious Palazzo Rosselli del Turco in Florence will serve as an exquisite backdrop for this artistic showcase. Historically, this venue has housed the ateliers of renowned artists such as William Page and Thomas Ridgeway Gould. Moreover, during Florence’s tenure as the capital of Italy, the gallery was home to the United States Embassy and these beautifully decorated and frescoed halls of this historic location provide a unique setting for Jackie Sleper’s remarkable creations.
What sets Jackie Sleper apart is her unique ability to find inspiration in every aspect of life. Her art is not just a reflection of her own experiences and those of her loved ones but also draws from the life stories she encounters during her travels. These stories become the raw materials for her vivid and captivating works, which seamlessly blend existing objects with specially crafted additions.
Sleper’s meticulous attention to detail and her inventive use of materials, from porcelain figurines to sparkling jewels, medallions to glass flowers, create an instant allure and enchantment in her assemblages. She tirelessly seeks out skilled craftsmen worldwide, making regular journeys in search of the finest collaborators to bring her artistic vision to life. Vito Abba’s enthusiasm for this exhibition underlines the significance of this artistic event, which promises to be a visual and cultural feast for viewers.

Studio Abba, Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, via dei Serragli 17, Florence, from November 17th to November 28th, 2023.
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